Add music streaming

DieBagger 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 3
Be able to stream music the same way video works already.

add tablet support

Thundercats 8 years ago updated by DieBagger 7 years ago 2
Can u make the navigationbuttons to up-scale to the resolution of a tablet? The rest of the app is pretty wel up-scaling to the fullscreen of a tablet, except for the navigationbuttons of the remote.
The auto-rotate is also not implemented yet... eeeh asking for landscape-mode for tablet users...

More basic controlbuttons in remote section

Thundercats 8 years ago updated by Emma Benzie 6 years ago 3
Especially for tablet-users you could add more of the basic/standard remote buttons (stop, skip forward, etc)


DieBagger 8 years ago updated by Thorsten Niemann 8 years ago 2
Add an option to search for items (videos, series, music,...)

Landscape layout

DieBagger 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 1
Add a layout for landscape mode

Add MovingPictures support

Klaus 8 years ago 0
Add support for MovingPictures so that we can access and re-use the categories created using this plugin in MP.

Radio Playback

Sepp 8 years ago updated by gemx 7 years ago 2
Besides music, there's a second major function that does not need the TV turned on: Radio!
It would be great to have the option to turn on radio and toggle channels with Ampdroid.

Allow music playback on MP client

Sepp 8 years ago updated by DieBagger 8 years ago 4
When browsing music and doing a long click on an album, you can select either to download the music or to play it on the client, where the latter is not implemented yet.

I know this is somewhere in the queue already, but for me this is _the_ feature - not having to turn on TV to play music. So I would appreciate many votes for this feature ;-)

DieBagger 8 years ago
Implemented in version 0.8 of aMPdroid

Sorting in ListViews

DieBagger 8 years ago 0
Add sorting to the listviews (videos, series, music,...).

- SortBy: Name, Date, ...
- Order: Asc, Desc

A fifth tab in music section for playlists

Julien Charpenel 8 years ago 0
Would be great if besides shares/artist/album/tracks there is also an tab for playlists!